• Dr. Chase & Dr. Amy are amazing chiropractors who listen, are empathetic, personable and yet professional as well. The ladies up front are accommodating and always so nice! Highly recommend Active Care Wellness Center!

    - Shari S., May 2024
  • Awesome care, as always! This time I saw Dr. Chase (Crabtree) for the first time & I was REALLY impressed!! Professional, knowledgeable, perceptive, friendly and amazingly gentle - wow! Like Dr. Amy, he's empathetic and listens to his patients, clearly tailoring his treatment to your specific issues and desired outcomes, rather than just charging through with a general chiropractic manipulation (like I've experienced at other practices). I highly recommend both doctors at this clinic!

    Show More - Christin R., May 2024
  • Dr. Chase Crabtree was so helpful! Immediately felt better after one visit, but I'll be back for sure :)

    - Meg R., April 2024
  • The whole team is great! Both Dr. Amy and Dr. Chase are extremely gifted. I wouldn't be able to remain an active hard working person without their care.

    - David G., April 2024
  • Dr. Chase really listened to all the individual things I was experiencing, and created a plan specific to me. I love the approach here of whole body and mind, and I am not dealing with the discomfort and stress balls I was experiencing daily. I'm so glad to have a relationship with this wellness center!

    Show More - Swift Fox Farms, April 2024
  • I am so happy with every aspect of Active Care. It starts when you open the front door and are greeted with enthusiasm. Then, if you see Dr. Chase you feel listened to and you feel the genuine desire and concern in getting you better! Not a one crack and see ya scenario. If you need PT, Dr. Brittney is so knowledgeable and puts a personal plan of action together for you. I always left with print outs of what we worked on so I could continue my therapy at home. She definitely knows who you are and your needs when you walk in each visit. I am more than impressed with her having a ready to-go plan for me each week. Plus she is a super nice Doctor and person. Finally, unlike other practices, all this is under one roof and they communicate with each other so they are all working their skills in tandem for your best interests.

    Show More - Julie B., April 2024
  • - Brian T., March 2024
  • Dr. Crabtree did a great job diagnosing my issues and making appropriate adjustments. Already scheduled a follow-up.

    - Richard, March 2024
  • Great experience, knowledgeable but also listened really carefully to what was going on. I'm excited to have found this practice.

    - Kathleen W., March 2024
  • Dr Chase does a really great job and gives me helpful tips on how to help myself feel better from home too . I leave there feeling much better.

    - Angela F., March 2024
  • Amy took her time, explained everything and showed personal interest. I would definitely recommend to any one who needs help feeling better with their back

    - Debra S., February 2024
  • Chase did an excellent job

    - Brian A., February 2024
  • Dr. Amy Berglund and her Staff are extraordinarily good at what they do! Dr. Amy has gentle and effective hands- she helps me to maintain an active lifestyle. Her staff is simply amazing. No waiting and I have never had a billing or scheduling conflict. Recommend.

    - Wade P., January 2024
  • Friendly, accommodating, Dr. Chase manages to get good adjustments even when I'm tense and my spine doesn't cooperate.

    - Rachel C., January 2024
  • Great scheduling. Chase is all about business when it comes to the patient chiropractic needs. Very thorough with his practice and is eager to help when the patient is in pain.

    - Scott H., January 2024
  • I love Dr. Amy at Active Care Wellness Center! I've had positive experiences with most of the chiropractors that I've seen in the Missoula area, BUT Dr. Amy has provided me with exceptional care for the last 4 years. She's very perceptive and is able to cater my treatments to how my body is set up when I come in. Sounds pretty obvious, but I've had other chiropractors do the same thing every week without seeming to listen to me or read my body. She's also friendly and if you're lucky you'll get to meet her dog in the office. Office staff and the other practitioners there that I've met have been lovely too.

    Show More - Kristjana E., January 2024
  • A very nice experience starting with the intake and overview of services by the front desk personnel. Dr. Crabtree was very thorough in going through my history and had read it ahead of my appointment. His explanations were very clear and he checked repeatedly to see if I had questions. I felt very confident in his care. I highly recommend this service.

    Show More - Tami P., January 2024
  • Dr.s Amy and Chase are incredible! Knowledgeable, kind, and considerate of your comfort. They actually evaluate you to ascertain the source of the issue and customize your treatment plan. Unlike other places, where everyone gets the same treatment, they are focusing on treating your areas of issue and encouraging of complentary therapies and strength building. They helped me immensely!

    Show More - Nicole E., December 2023
  • I chose to go back to Dr. Brittney Martin for my PT, I had her previously before my total knee replacement. After the replacement it's even more important to work with someone who "really knows their stuff". I LOVE her. DR Brittney is kind, attentive, motivating, considerate, respectful and honest with me. Hands on as needed, not rough but pushes me to progress. Has never intentionally hurt me. (there's going to be a level of discomfort and some pain with a new knee) Creative in finding other ways that can help me if something else isn't quite working. She is very knowledgeable in her field. If you need PT for any reason I definitely can recommend her.

    Show More - Rebecca S., November 2023
  • Great care and knowledge plus brilliant professionalism.

    - Sarah M., November 2023
  • Amy and Chase are wonderful! They keep my back and neck pain to a minimum. Their office staff is top notch as well.

    - Sandy R., October 2023
  • As always, Dr. Amy was kind, addressed specific issues and I left feeling improved and with a plan for continuing my improvement!

    - Cindy J., October 2023
  • Dr. Amy is excellent and knowledgeable. Wonderful staff.... treated like family ❤️

    - Debbie F., October 2023
  • Consistently great care and attention!  I send my own patients to Dr. A. Berglund.

    - Todd W., October 2023
  • Dr Amy Berglund rated 5 out of five. Really knows her stuff & very sharp. All staff in her office on top of each patient’s needs. Communications of office is excellent.

    - Luigi Y., October 2023
  • Dr Chase and staff are amazing. I've had issues for a while due to a car accident, and I've already seen great improvement. They are understanding, helpful, hardworking, and flexible. Highly recommend.

    - Rachel C., October 2023
  • I highly recommend Active Care Wellness Center for your health needs. My whole family is seen there and while we love the positive, welcoming environment, we really appreciate the quality care from every provider we have ever received care from at this facility. Dr. Amy and Dr. Chase each provide chiropractic care that is gentle while still incredibly effective and I really appreciate their whole-body wellness approach. The massage therapists are fantastic. Tonia, the acupuncturist, is phenomenal! No matter what your body is needing, you are sure to have the best quality care from Active Care Wellness.

    Show More - Lacy D., October 2023
  • "I've been going to active care wellness center for chiropractic care for many years and I can't say enough good about them. Dr. Amy and all of the staff are wonderful and I would highly recommend them."

    - Harry C., September 2023
  • "Chase is amazing. I walked in bad pain barely able to stand. I walked out upright with no pain. Thank you."

    - Michael R., September 2023
  • "Need chiropractic/PT care in the valley? Go here! My experience with the staff and doctors has been phenomenal. They are all extremely knowledgeable, friendly and talented. I'm seeing both Dr. Amy and Dr. Brittney for chiropractic on my back, and PT for my shoulder and I can honestly say I am in better shape with their care and guidance. I've got range of motion back, feel stronger, not so many aches and pains and my husband says I'm even standing straighter! Win-win!"

    Show More - Tamy G., August 2023
  • "Chase is amazing and takes his time to give an accurate assessment. He is helping my husband and I with back issues and our pain has already been cut in half. He's the best!"

    - Sheila S., August 2023
  • "Sports physical was efficient. Dr. Chase has a wonderful bedside manner."

    - Kim K., August 2023
  • "First impressions were great. I had questions upon making an appointment so the receptionist had one of the doctors call me right back! During my initial exam, I was very impressed by the detailed history he took before ever laying a hand on me. I'm a retired medical professional and can tell you that is a rare skill. I'm optimistic that I'll get the care I need."

    Show More - Juli M., July 2023
  • "Great care, helps me maintain my active lifestyle with less pain."

    - Trish O., July 2023
  • "Dr. Crabtree is phenomenal. He's helped me with lower back issues I've dealt with for over a decade. Other chiropractors have never even come close to helping me as much as he has. He really takes the time to explain the problem areas and walk you through the adjustments. I always feel like I have the space to ask questions or express concerns. Genuinely could not ask for a better healthcare provider.

    The office staff is very nice too. The whole atmosphere there is one of the best I've encountered. Can't recommend it enough."

    Show More - Hannah W., June 2023
  • "Great service and real friendly people."

    - Tim M., May 2023
  • "The staff was very friendly and helpful. Dr. Amy was very thorough, and she listened to my issues."

    - Tracey B., May 2023
  • "Dr. Amy was very thorough and explained my first examination as she was going through the treatment on my spine. After the first treatment, I'm already feeling great results."

    - Mishel K., May 2023
  • "I ignored an old injury for years! I didn't realize how many things I was avoiding. Dr. Brittany and Dr. Chase helped me get back to my normal active lifestyle pretty quickly. I'm super excited to not be in constant pain. Thanks guys!"

    - Sandy J., April 2023
  • "Dr. Amy and the entire active care family are all incredible. So happy I found them!!"

    - Jill P., March 2023
  • "Dr. Amy is quick to locate the problem area and with manipulation and sometimes soft tissue work, the problem is quickly alleviated! Always upbeat!"

    - Deborah G., February 2023
  • "From fitting me in on short notice, to the receptionist being pleasant, to Dr. Crabtree's thoroughness, I was very pleased with the service provided."

    - Rick R., February 2023
  • "For as long as I can remember, I have had issues with back pain. Over the years I have gone to several different chiropractors. I was introduced to Dr. Amy at Active Care Wellness by my daughter in law. From the very first treatment to this one, ten or more years later, I have been amazed. The treatments do not feel aggressive but take away the pain, tightness or stiffness that I was feeling. I would recommend Dr. Amy without hesitation!"

    Show More - Alice C., February 2023
  • "This clinic is truly one of a kind...in an excellent way. They offer wellness in all areas."

    - Sue A., January 2023
  • "Tweaking my back on the ice lead to severe back spasms. Active got me in same day with Dr Chase Crabtree. He explained what was going on with my back and lead me through my first adjustment. I had instant relief and quick healing. I strongly recommend Dr Crabtree."

    - Shaunna B., January 2023
  • "Outstanding. The office staff is very organized, efficient, and friendly. Dr. Amy has the knowledge and experience needed to help keep my old body (77 yrs) active. She knows what's needed to correct the things I keep trying to do. I look forward to each visit as I immediately feel so much better."

    - Jim C., January 2023
  • "By far, the best chiropractor I've seen. Dr. Berglund knows her stuff! From the beginning, she was spot on in pinpointing my problem areas. Where adjustments from previous chiropractors sometimes hurt, her technique is such that I'm not in pain after an adjustment. In fact, I always feel great! If you are nervous about chiropractic care, see Dr. Amy, she will take great care of you. I won't go anywhere else!"

    Show More - Tamy G., December 2022
  • "Dr Amy and the staff are excellent. I was very pleased going to them for the first time."

    - Dan C., December 2022
  • "Dr. Brittney has done wonders with PT to help me heal from a fall off a ladder resulting in a burst fracture of the L1. Thank you!!"

    - Shelly H., December 2022
  • "My first visit and I was very pleased to have found Dr Amy. Both receptionist and Dr were very professional and knowledgeable. Office is organized and clean. Equipment is in good repair. My adjustment and Graston treatment improved my condition but I am aware that more than one visit is necessary for treatment and full recovery and have scheduled future appointments. I was so pleased to have found a chiropractor with Amy's expertise, experience, and broad knowledge so close to my home."

    Show More - Janice A., November 2022
  • "Dr. Amy has been a great help getting my back in realignment while also providing proper exercises to help strengthen key muscle groups. Thanks, Dr. Amy for all you do!"

    - Jon K., November 2022
  • "Dr.Amy is a wonderful Chiropractor. She is very thorough and I have gotten great results from her every time I see her. She is fun, friendly and always upbeat. I absolutely would recommend her!"

    - Barbara D., November 2022
  • "I just finished my first visit with Dr. Amy, It was a fantastic experience, she was super nice to work with, very thorough. I'd recommend them to anyone! Office staff was friendly also."

    - Randy W., November 2022
  • "Dr. Amy is friendly, knowledgeable, thorough, and effective. Everything you want from the great chiropractor!"

    - Rose D., October 2022
  • "We love Dr. Amy! She does a fantastic job with my daughters. Listens to all their needs and makes sure they get the best care."

    - Nate M., September 2022
  • "As always, Dr. Amy is the best chiropractor I've ever been to. She knows exactly what my body needs and can gently adjust me as needed. I always feel so much better afterward. I highly recommend her."

    - Sue S., September 2022
  • "Great care, great services, great personable and positive people!"

    - Susan N., September 2022
  • "There's always a warm welcome from the front desk and I rarely have to wait. Dr. Amy (who I've seen for nearly 20 years) is quick to find the problem and work it out. Staff provides several complimentary modalities. Stevensville is lucky to have all of these options so close to home!"

    - Deborah G., August 2022
  • "Amy Berglund has a gift in that she can go right to the place it hurts and heal it with her hands. Thank you, Amy, for making me better!"

    - Beth S., August 2022
  • "Dr. Amy is the best.  I won't go to anyone else."

    - Judith K., August 2022
  • "Dr. Amy is the very best in the business. She is not only one of the kindest people I've ever met, she cares about her patients and provides world-class care each and every visit."

    - Chris F., July 2022
  • "Great care. I always feel at ease & my issues are addressed with knowledge & experience. Dr. Amy is a powerhouse in her field. Fortunate to have her in our area."

    - Mary O., July 2022
  • "Dr. Amy is amazing, kind and thoughtful!!! She is very thorough with examinations and takes the time to know her patients. Dr. Amy has great communication skills and makes sure you understand what you need before leaving her office. Highly recommend!!!!"

    - Christina W., June 2022
  • "Dr. Amy and Dr. Brittney are very friendly and give quality professional care in regards to my health. I've only been a few times but have noticed great improvement with my neck and shoulder injuries."

    - Kip K., June 2022
  • "Thank you Dr. Amy and staff. The treatment I received was very beneficial. Feeling so much better. Your knowledge and concern were much appreciated. Thank you for getting me back on my feet for summer! You guys are great!"

    - Joan P., June 2022
  • "Dr. Amy is the best in my book! I have needed back adjustments much of my life and so I have comparisons. Since going to Active Care my mobility is doing great."

    - Alice C., May 2022
  • "You won't be disappointed with the care you receive from all the wonderful people at this place of healing."

    - Betty P., May 2022
  • "Dr. Amy is amazing. She got rid of my tennis elbow years ago and is now working on neck and back pain. We're almost there and cannot give enough positive feedback."

    - Judith K., April 2022
  • "Been seeing Dr. Amy for 10 years now. She is fantastic and spends time working on not only the skeleton, but the muscles as well. She's great with my wife and 3 boys as well. Dr. Amy is especially great with adjusting my neck, which always feel tight after a hard day's work or play."

    - Garrett V., March 2022
  • "Very knowledgeable, and caring."

    - Jake W., March 2022
  • "I can't thank Dr. Amy, Laura, and Dr. Beth for helping me during an extremely difficult week and a half. They have been nothing but kind, encouraging, and compassionate while trying to take care of me and I soooooo appreciate it. If you need chiropractic care, don't hesitate to come here!!!"

    - Misty K., March 2022
  • "Dr. Amy is the most knowledgeable chiropractor I've ever worked with. I have seen 4 different chiropractors for my back pain and was ready to give up on this type of treatment before going to Dr. Amy. Not only has she treated SEVERAL back, shoulder, hip injuries with chiro care, but has also helped guide me with nerve pain, food sensitivities, foot pain, and even mental health. She has a wealth of knowledge, cares deeply for patients, and looks at each patient holistically. If I could, I would give Dr. Amy 10 stars here!"

    Show More - Jessica S., March 2022
  • "My husband, daughter and I have experienced very professional care! And really enjoy our care giver!"

    - Jeanne B., February 2022
  • "Always a great experience with Dr. Amy! She takes the time to listen to her patients and invests herself in their well-being. That's not so easy to find in a provider these days. Wouldn't go anywhere else!"

    - Christin R., January 2022
  • "The staff is welcoming and friendly, and well-trained. The office is clean and sanitized, and the staff is careful to wear masks and follow safety guidelines. Dr. Amy studies/trains continuously and stays current on treatment options, particularly sports medicine. The Cox decompression table has been a Godsend to me. The leg numbness that plagued me is gone thanks to regular visits. From chiropractic to physical therapy to massage therapy to acupuncture to nutrition, Active Care is a one-stop shop for whole body wellness."

    Show More - Janet W., December 2021
  • "Dr. Amy has been amazing in helping me alleviate pain and issues related to my herniated discs. She's walked me through every step, giving explanations of the process and what to expect during treatment and she's been spot on. Have been dealing with this for over a year and found Dr. Amy two months ago. In those 2 months my progress has improved by leaps and bounds and I finally feel like I'm getting my life back. She knows what she's doing, I only wish I'd have found her sooner!"

    Show More - Angela W., December 2021
  • "I have been going to Dr. Amy on and off for 10 years. She has really helped me during pregnancy, after a car accident and chronic back/neck issues. She listens, has amazing skills, and is very knowledgeable. I totally trust her with my care and to help my loved ones. Plus she is a joy to see and I am so thankful for her!"

    Show More - Paula L., December 2021
  • "Dr. Amy has taken care of my entire family for years. She is hands down the best and truly cares about you!"

    - Andrea M., November 2021
  • "Wonderful!"

    - Anine C., November 2021
  • "Dr. Amy always knows exactly what adjustments my body needs. I feel 100% better after each adjustment. I highly recommend her for your chiropractic needs."

    - Sue S., November 2021
  • "Supper nice and great care wouldn't go anywhere else."

    - Rachelle D., November 2021
  • "Brittany is a number one, really knows her job, caring and compassionate. Been to a few physical therapist in my 58 years. Her knowledge is awesome, she knows all the new therapy to get you up and running again. So if you are looking for the right therapist, Brit is the go to. Don’t have enough great things to say about her. She makes a difference she cares. And the gals in the office are just and caring. Thanks! - Kirk"

    Show More - Kirk T., November 2021
  • "Great care! Takes the time to evaluate and explain what treatment is recommended. Very knowledgeable. The office assistant is very efficient and friendly. The treatment areas are spotlessly clean! Dr. Amy treats a variety of ages and issues, from high end athletes to people like myself, older... This was my first visit. I will return."

    Show More - Bert M., October, 2021
  • "Great experience...looking forward to my next session. Adjustment felt wonderful. Highly recommend Dr. Amy."

    - David F., October, 2021
  • "Dr. Amy, Dr. Brittney, Chelsea...are all amazing! I haven't felt this good in years working with them. Professional, friendly, fun, and great atmosphere as well. Front desk ladies are quite wonderful as well! You can't go wrong for whatever your needs are here physically, mentally, whatever!"

    - Christopher D., August 19, 2021
  • "Dr. Amy takes great care of me! I've had good results with other chiropractors, but much of the time it feels like they're going through a set routine, rather than figuring out what my body is up to that particular day. Amy has great knowledge of the human body and physical therapy (on top of the obvious chiropractic knowledge), so I feel like I get a higher level of care than at other offices."

    Show More - Kristjana E., July, 2021
  • "Amy is incredible at what she does. She made us feel extremely comfortable and confident in the plan going forward even though my daughter seems to have a brain injury of sorts which is super scary."

    - Karen S., March 2021
  • "Absolutely love! This is an all in one building! It’s so nice that I can go to the same place for acupuncture physical therapy chiropractic therapy herbal medicine therapy ( a few other types of therapy) and be treated so well by the most kindest staff. With my treatment, I finally feel like my body can be fix correctly. Also I have been talked threw everything step by step so I never felt confused or overwhelmed."

    Show More - Ashley B., February 2021
  • Dr. Amy is the real deal. Her compassion and caring is very apparent! She works with our local ski team and conducts very important baseline concussion testing as well as injury rehabilitation and prevention. We are so lucky to have such a professional, kind. and talented individual in our neck of the woods. Thank you Dr. Amy for all that you do!

    Show More - Anonymous, February, 2021
  • "Dr. Amy and the other professionals on the wellness team are warm, caring, thorough, knowledgeable, highly-skilled, and efficient. I feel they provide a superior level of well-rounded care on the journey to acheiving and maintaining good health. They are a treasure in our community."

    - Seiglinde S., December, 2020
  • I am not going to go into details. I just want to say that in my hour of need Dr Amy and staff stepped up to the plate, above and beyond. I am so pleased that I found these lovely people!

    - Luanne G, December, 2020
  • Awesome! Thanks Amy!Great service, always able to get in. Feel so much better! 💕😀🙏

    - Sandi M, December, 2020
  • Dr. Amy is a terrific healer, a great listener and always gentle with your body.

    - SM, November, 2020
  • I have been visiting Dr. Amy Berglund for 7+ years and can attest to her being an incredible practitioner who consistently provides timely relief from pain, and education/practices to strengthen and increase my flexibility to prevent future injuries and tightness. Renee in the front office is always kind, welcoming, and accommodating to assist with scheduling and any other concerns that arise. I highly recommend and would refer anyone seeking to improve their overall well being to Active Care Wellness Center.

    Show More - Lee S, November, 2020
  • I have been seeing Doctor Amy for a while now. You will never meet such a genuinely kindhearted woman. She is very professional and an extremely trustworthy Doctor. The work she does is tailored to you, so you get the best care for your needs! Hands down the best Chiropractor anyone could ever ask for! Renee and whole staff is very helpful and professional.

    Show More - Sam W, November, 2020
  • Dr Amy gets you feeling wonderful again! She gets you back to being able to do all the things you love to do.Thank you Dr Amy and staff.

    - Ellen K, November, 2020
  • I have been going to Active Care for many years. Dr. Amy and her team are the best, we are very lucky to have them in our community!

    - JN, November, 2020
  • The atmosphere is always so welcoming I always feel a little better before my appointment even starts. This is truly an amazing group of people.

    - April V, November, 2020
  • I'm 71 and have worked hard all my life and am a migraine headache sufferer. Dr Amy is as good as it gets. I believe great communication is the only was to receive this level of treatment.

    - Geno M, November, 2020
  • There’s always a warm welcome from the front desk and I rarely have to wait. Dr. Amy (who I’ve seen for nearly 20 years) is quick to find the problem and work it out. Staff provide several complimentary modalities. Stevensville is lucky to have all of these options so close to home!

    - Deb G, November, 2020
  • Pulled my back shoveling snow. Was in pain even while I was laying down. Dr Amy was able to fit me in last minute, tapped me, adjusted me, gave me thorough recovery recommendations and set me on my way. I already feel 100 times better. Dr Amy, Reene and their staff are awesome! Highly recommend.

    - Tom J, November, 2020
  • Amy is the best! She is thorough and knowledgeable. I’ve never been to a chiropractor and was a little uneasy about the process after injuring my back. Amy put me at ease immediately and walked me through every step. The entire staff at Active Care is kind and efficient.

    - Jillian M, October, 2020
  • Like many of us, I had specific issues best addressed by chiropractic adjustments and care. As I got relief and learned more about chiropractic in general, I became a wellness patient. That was 30 yrs. ago. My work meant lots of travel with much of it for extended periods so I got chiropractic care from a variety of doctors all across the country and I experienced a number of different approaches and techniques. Dr. Amy is definitely in the top tier of chiropractors anywhere. I no longer travel much and have been able to be a regular with Dr. Amy at ACFC. She is quite exceptional. If I'm kinked up, she's not one to force the issue. Her adjustments are within the bounds of what my body will take and she employs a number of different techniques to get me where I need to be. And she's helped me with issues that I didn't initially think could be helped with chiropractic. I was just looking for information. Everyone at ACFC really knows their stuff - they're knowledgeable and friendly and helpful. And focused on your health. I feel very lucky that we have such people and such a facility as ACFC here in little ol' Stevensville MT. A true gem.

    Show More - Mark V, October, 2020
  • Dr. Amy is amazing, simply stated. She has helped ease over 10 years of neck pain. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

    - Lauren F. October, 2020
  • Dr. Amy is my Go To gal, she is great on keeping me adjusted and active. When I first started seeing her I could hardly walk for very long, now I do daily four mile walks! I highly recommend her!

    - Debbie J, October, 2020
  • Dr. Amy and her staff are absolutely incredible. Extremely caring and work diligently to relieve your pain. Amy works closely to ensure you have a maintenance plan to keep you pain free. Physical therapist and massage therapy on site! The office is lovely and clean at all times! Insurance billing is easy!

    Show More - Shannon E, October, 2020
  • The staff is welcoming and friendly, and well-trained. The office is clean and sanitized, and the staff is careful to wear masks and follow safety guidelines. Dr. Amy studies/trains continuously and stays current on treatment options, particularly sports medicine. The Cox decompression table has been a Godsend to me. The leg numbness that plagued me is gone thanks to regular visits. From chiropractic to physical therapy to massage therapy to acupuncture to nutrition, Active Care is a one-stop shop for whole body wellness.

    Show More - Janet W, October 2020
  • Dr. Amy is perhaps the best chiropractic care physician in the valley. The staff are always friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Active Care.

    - Weat M, October, 2020
  • Dr. Amy is the best chiropractor I've had by far. She listens and deals with your issues effectively without dragging it out over an extended period of time like some back docs that I've known. 

    - Tom R, October, 2020
  • Dr. Amy is a lifesaver! I am finally back to doing things I love without pain! + this office has a very welcoming atmosphere.

    - LeeAnn K, October, 2020
  • I work in the heating and air conditioning field. I drag furnaces through crawl spaces, and lift heavy things awkwardly all day, every day. My poor back takes the brunt of it. I've been to multiple chiropractors, and was not impressed until now. Dr. Amy is a miracle worker. She has had to use most of her tools and techniques to help me, but help me she has. I feel way better than I have in many years. I highly recommend her practice! She also has this table that is amazing if your lower back hurts. I go every other week.

    Show More - Russ B, October, 2020
  • This place is the best! My neck and shoulders feel better than they have in years. I completely trust and respect Amy's knowledge and expertise. Renee is welcoming and kind. We are so lucky to have this place and these awesome people in our town!

    - Beth R, October, 2020
  • Dr. Berglund is terrific: knowledgeable, highly skilled and clearly invested in her patients' comfort and recovery. Her extensive history in athletic wellness gives her a great skillset to draw on, but she is also constantly continuing her education, pursuing new techniques and combining alternative medicine with her therapy for a great, well-rounded offering. A terrific staff backs her up at the front desk - Andrea and Renee are caring, professional and accommodating. This is the best chiropractic office in this part of the state!!

    Show More - Christin R, October, 2020
  • I appreciated that Dr. Amy gave me exercises that I could do on my own to help maintain my health. Her inclusion of alternative modalities was helpful for addressing my aches and pains.

    - Jennifer K, October, 2020
  • Dr. Amy is the absolute best! She is incredibly kind and listens to all of your problems (chiropractic and otherwise). I went to her as a last effort to alleviate my back pain and the experience has changed my life.  I never thought my back would feel this good again. I highly recommend her! If you don't live in Stevensville, she's worth the drive.

    Show More - Morgan, October 2020
  • I'm 78 and still active.  Dr. Amy keeps me on my feet and in my garden. She and her staff are dear.

    - Signe, October 2020
  • Dr. Amy is hands down one of the best chiropractors I have ever met. She is a caring and compassionate professional that will help patients improve their overall wellness and obtain your goals. Needless to say, I highly recommend her. 

    - Dr. Mike Abenoja, August 2020
  • Three days before a planned 5-day back country pack trip I threw out my lower back. I know from experience this can take better than a week to get better. Barely able to stand and walk due to spasms and pinched nerves, I sought treatment from Dr. Amy. She’s a rockstar! I was in good shape the morning of my trip and able to complete 25 harsh miles with a 40 pound pack! If you want fixed in short order, Amy’s your Doc!

    Show More - Paul, August 2020
  • Dr. Amy really helped me out of Acute pain, with the aid of all natural antinflamitory supplements and treatments.l highly recommend active care family chiropractic.

    - Felix, September 2019
  • I have been utilizing Chiropractic care for 15 years of my life, I've had some chiropractors that I liked and some I disliked, but I absolutely love Dr. Amy and Renee her office manager. They are both so kind and caring and helpful. Dr. Amy is always offering new and unique ways to help me with my various issues.  I really can't say enough good things about them and I love how connective the office is with other types of practioners, including acupuncture, massage and physical therapy.  Keep up the good work everyone!

    Show More - Cheslea, September 2019
  • "Top notch practice! So much knowledge and expertise packed into my first appointment...Dr. Amy truly cares about her patients and seeing them succeed! Thank you!

    - Heather B, Ultra Marthon Runner, February 2019
  • Dr Amy is fantastic! Ive had back pain for years with only intermittent relief from various modes of therapy. Dr. Amy was able to provide pain relief in the first session. After a series of treatments i can honestly say my back is in the best shape it's been in 15 years. She is an excellent practitioner and i would highly recommend her to anyone wishing to relieve pain and improve their health.

    Show More - Bonnie S. August 2018
  • After a year of steady ear aches, they are no longer. It feels wonderful. Ear aches led to very stiff neck which is responding to treatment. Thank you Amy.

    - Sue. July 2018
  • I came to the office with increasingly worse chronic lower back pain. I had tried a whole host of at home management tools and techniques but it just kept getting worse. I had heard many really great reviews about Dr. Amy and decided to give it a try. From the time I walked in to the office to present day- Dr. Amy and Renee have been wonderful! The building space is always clean, bright, welcoming. Renee is so sweet and professional and really knowledgeable about the office and insurance side of

    Show More - Heather A. May 2018
  • started going to Active Care 1 1/2 years ago for my upper back pain, shoulder pain and numbness in my arms. Dr. Amy took a very holistic approach to figuring out the causes of and treatment for my pain and has taught me how to prevent reinflamming the issues. I highly recommend Active Care! I just wish I hadn't waited so long to go in. I am solidly in "maintenance" mode now and have full mobility of my neck and back and very little pain in my shoulder or arm.

    Show More - Amy S. April 2018
  • Dr. Amy is great! She's very thorough, explains what she is doing, and what I need to do at home to stay healthy. She obviously cares a lot about her patients and wants people to get better. I highly recommend her!

    - Marika S. April 2018
  • I came to see Dr. Amy when I was having pain from my desk job and left over issues from multiple car accidents. I found the appointment making process to be very easy and smooth. My insurance benefits were checked and explained to me in a clear manner. Dr. Amy performed a very thorough initial exam, treated me the first visit and gave me multiple recommendations to reduce my pain. She is very knowledgeable about the human body and provides very effective treatments. She is also very involved

    Show More - Emily R. April 2018
  • I’ve been going to Dr. Amy for at least ten years and I’m very satisfied with her work. I used to be skeptical of chiropractic care until I went to her.

    - Angela February 2018
  • Cox decompression is a lifesaver! I couldn’t live without it!!

    - Janet February 2018
  • I finally feel like there is hope for my lower back issue. Thank you Amy!!

    - Dawn February 2018
  • I’ve been going to Dr. Amy for a long time. I came after I had extreme lower back pain due to too much sitting and “perhaps” too much of a fat stomach. Simultaneously I was seeing my general doctor for pain medications who had suggested shots and then surgery. I had shooting nerve pain in my legs and feet and was even having to walk with a cane at one point (imagine two- one week bouts of lying in bed in excruciating pain, which is not the best way to get over it!) I thought there had to

    Show More - Jaylene February 2018
  • I want to thank Dr. Amy for resolving the issue with my back. Playing 10-15 hours a week of tennis over the last several years put a severe strain on my back (I'm 67). Dr. Amy addressed the issue and resolved the back problem over the course of several visits. Professional throughout; courteous, explained in detail the problem and the solution, and was most pleasant. Additionally, I want to compliment her staff--Renee--for her warm reception as well as her executing her duties efficiently. An

    Show More - Bill K. October 2017
  • I have only just begun my treatment with Active Care and I already love it! Dr. Amy is very knowledgeable in her practice, friendly and ensures all questions or concerns are addressed. The staff is very friendly, extremely helpful and make scheduling a breeze! In today's world where every clinic is chaotic it is a welcome change of pace going to Active Care. I look forward to all my appointments!!! :)

    Show More - Ashley August 2017
  • I am so sorry I never got to say goodbye to you but glad to see in the photo that you made it to the USA BMX championships. I would just like to say a massive thank you for all your help over the course of the 4-5 days. Firstly, you are quite clearly an exceptional sports chiropractor. A vital and integral member of the team and for which I am deeply grateful. Secondly, you went beyond the call of duty helping out in camp with tents. Thirdly, your attitude and spirit was everything we

  • Great as always!!! Dr. Amy fixed me right up. Thanks!

    - Tracey July 2017
  • It's always easy to schedule an appointment, even at a moments notice! Dr. Amy does an excellent job in making sure I understand what treatment I need. Dr. Amy takes the extra time to check in on overall health too, making every experience in her office a good one! And besides, who doesn't love Renee?

    Show More - Brandon July 2017
  • Five Stars, great healer and very knowledgeable.

    - Ben R. July, 2017
  • Dr. Amy is the closest thing I've seen to a miracle worker.

    - Tom May 2017
  • Thank you for everything you have done to keep our athletes and coaches healthy!

    - Tracy M. LT Freeride Team March 2017
  • I have been going to Active Care for many years. I have always found Dr. Amy and her staff to be most professional, compassionate and accommodating. Dr. Amy is knowledgeable, skilled and caring – I highly recommend a visit to her clinic.

    - Joan N. January 2017
  • This is the PLACE to get back on the road to good health! Professional, kind and compassionate -- better care, you will not be able to find!

    - Vince F. January 2017
  • I love Dr. Amy! She's the only chiropractor that I've ever looked forward to seeing.

    - Caireny J. December 2016
  • Dr. Amy is amazing. She really listens and diagnosed me quickly with skill and sensitivity. Her knowledge is tremendous, and Amy is so friendly and sweet, it is a joy to visit her for my appointments. I have suffered for 8 years with chronic ear pain, dizziness and vertigo. In my first session Amy did a simple procedure that drained my eustachian tubes, my ears crackled and opened up! Amy determined that my chronic problem was not in my ears, but in my jaw and neck, and I believe she is spot

    Show More - Lori December 2016
  • Dr. Amy and her staff are knowledgeable, kind and caring. When you're feeling at your worst they strive to make your entire day better. Care like this is extremely worth the visit!

    - Kristen B. December 2016
  • I had a C-section in 2014 due to my baby being in a bad position and getting stuck. I have an old lower back injury and feel like it was part of the reason for the bad positioning. I was told that chiropractic care, (using the Webster technique) would help put baby in the correct position, while keeping my body balanced and aligned. So when I became pregnant in January of 2016 I knew I was going to try chiropractic care this time around. Dr. Amy helped relive all of my aches and pains throughout

    Show More - Sofia H. December 2016
  • Friendly – easy to schedule, always available when I need a visit.

    - Patrick S. December 2016
  • Dr. Amy at Active Care Family Chiropractic uses her extensive knowledge of chiropractic care and sports medicine to help me stay active. I like that she keeps up to date with training and is able to diagnose and provide treatment that is always spot on. Her staff is friendly, Renee has always been able to get me in to see Amy quickly, and wait time is very minimal. I highly recommend Dr. Amy to anyone seeking chiropractic care.

    Show More - Beth B. December 2016
  • Best chiro treatment and attention to issues. Just try it.

    - Diane December 2016
  • I decided to try out Family Care Chiro shortly after they opened – one of my best decisions! I have presented a variety of challenges for Dr. Amy and she has always been able to work her magic and reassemble me into a functional being. The processes have been thoughtful, professional and skillful; she has great command of techniques and application presented in a friendly, concerned manner. If you have things that feel wrong or don’t work the way they used to, give Dr. Amy or Dr. Forres

    Show More - Jack P. December 2016
  • I have been going to Active Care for a very long time for chiropractic services and I think they are the very best.

    - Colleen December 2016
  • Active Care Chiropractic is the BEST in the valley. A truck accident left me with hip, back, and shoulder pain, and my physical therapist specifically recommended I see Dr. Amy at Active Care. Having spent most of my life avoiding doctor visits, I was quite nervous, especially about having my back “cracked”. Over the years, she has been very helpful with “whole health” and is extremely knowledgeable about the human body and its multitude of aliments. She is so excellent; she even work

    Show More - Becky G. December 2016
  • A combination of sports medicine and chiropractic care knowledge would be unique to any office, but when you add the friendly and informed staff to the mix - - it's a treat. It's obvious that everyone in the office enjoys assisting others and Dr Forrest is a great addition to the team. thanks everyone...

    Show More - John K December 2016
  • Very friendly and personal! Nice atmosphere. Dr. Lumpry does great work!!

    - Erika G. December 2016
  • Dr. Amy and staff take very good care of me. If I have a mishap, they always get me right in (straightened out and on my way). Thanks everyone!

    - Joani C. December 2016
  • Very professional and friendly atmosphere with physical therapy and acupuncture In the same building.

    - Bonnie, December 2016
  • I've been a patient for over 3 years and couldn't be happier with the fantastic services provided by Active Care Family Chiropractic. With regular treatment I feel healthier and can be active without pain. Dr. Berglund and Renee are amazing women, very knowledgeable and helpful, plus, sweet and cheerful. It's a full service treatment center right in the heart of downtown Stevensville. I highly recommended giving them a try.

    Show More - Patsy N. December 2016
  • Good Job Dr. Amy:) Lots of people think you do an amazing job!!

    - Christine December, 2016
  • Active Care Family Chiropractic has been treating me for 9 years. Without them I wouldn’t be able to function. They were there for my emergency & really took good care of me and my overall health. They are amazing!

    - Gail F. December 2016
  • I have suffered from upper back and neck pain for a few years and it got to the point where I could hardly even pull my shoulder blades back. Within just a couple of visits Dr. Amy had my back and neck moving again and pain free. She also took the time to educate me on proper ergonomics and posture to prevent the issues from reoccurring. Renee at the front desk is also great at helping you understand and track what services your insurance will cover. Don’t hesitate to make an appointment!!

    Show More - Amy S. December 2016
  • After many frustrating trips to other doctors to deal with reoccurring neck pain, I’ve decided to give Active Care Family Chiropractic a try. Although I am very early in my treatment, I feel better each time I leave their office. Dr. Amy is excellent at explaining her process and takes the time that is necessary for personalized care.

    Show More - Amy B. December 2016
  • Thanks to Dr. Amy, I have felt a lot better for the past 4 years (I think that is how long I have been coming). Dr. Amy is the best chiropractor; she stays well informed to new techniques that will benefit her patients. Thank you Dr. Amy & Renee!

    - Gloria L. December 2016
  • Dr. Amy is very knowledgeable and thorough. The office staff is very friendly. I love that Stevensville has an awesome chiropractor!!

    - Amy L. December 2016
  • Like many of us, I had specific issues best addressed by chiropractic adjustments and care. My work meant lots of travel with much of it for extended periods so I got chiropractic care from a variety of doctors all across the country and I experienced a number of different approaches and techniques. Dr. Amy is definitely in the top tier of chiropractors anywhere. I no longer travel much and have been able to be a regular with Dr. Amy at ACFC. She is quite exceptional. Her adjustments are with

    Show More - Mark V. December 2016
  • Best people ever to take care of my back, neck and injuries. They have helped me with a shoulder and elbow injury that wouldn’t heal. Thanks so much!

    - DeLis O. December 2016
  • It was painful to walk any distance and it really bothered my hip, but after finding Dr. Amy and working with her I’m now pain free and I gained back ¼ inch of my height. I’ve seen other chiropractors but never had such good results as I did from Dr. Amy. She really takes the time to listen and her staff is very friendly and helpful. It’s easy to get in and they are on time, the longest I’ve had to wait is maybe 5-10 mins, but that is rare.

    Show More - Deb B. December 2016
  • Active Care Chiropractic is more than just getting an adjustment. Dr. Amy, Dr. Forrest and staff take the time to really get to know their patients. I recommended Active Care regularly and pass out their business cards to my coworkers. In addition, Dr. Amy was instrumental in helping Emily return to chiropractic school, in which I will be forever grateful!

    Show More - Chris December 2016
  • I highly recommend Dr. Amy! I first entered into her care with low back pain. I must admit, I'm one of those patients that wants a quick fix. When she told me that I would be restricted in lifting certain weights for 4 -6 weeks (gym rat), I was crushed. In the same breath, she said, you'll be stronger than before if you help me too. LISTEN to her, it's tough but in weeks, I'm back, 110%. I was taught ways for my body to work so much better and frankly my form has drastically improved. Do your ex

    Show More - Cory November 2016
  • Do you want to feel like the most important person in the world to a pair of doctors who care about you? Then come to Active Care Family Chiropractic! I was recently in a bad T-bone collision and I came to see Dr. Amy who immediately recognized my issues and started working right away! Dr. Amy and Dr. Forrest believe in not only the care they do I'm office, but also the care at home, giving rehab exercises to do, as well as seeming like a part of the family! I recommend to everyone!

    Show More - Dempsey October 2016
  • Just got adjusted on Dr. Amy's new table. I really feel great . All ready for another season of playing hockey

    - Gary October 2016
  • Best Chiropractor ever!

    - Chris D. October 2016
  • Thank you to Doctor Amy Berglund for taping me together for my last week of sliding and helping me make it down the track.

    - Mike, US National Skeleton Team April, 2016
  • Dr. Amy is wonderful. She has treated me for sports injuries as well as my chronic arthritic condition. She does a great job of explaining what’s going on in your body and then supporting her care with appropriate exercises and stretches.

    - Kim T. April, 2016
  • Dr. Amy is absolutely amazing! She takes the time to thoroughly evaluate how your body is functioning and is very knowledgeable about how to help you reach your health goals. I highly recommend her.

    - Emily April, 2016
  • Just wanted to drop a note to say thank you for all of your great help. My lower back doesn't wake me up at night anymore and that wasn't even my main reason for coming in.

    - J.S. February 2016
  • Thanks for all the loving care you give!

    - Hazel February 2016
  • I`ve been blessed to have a skillful chiropractor like Amy work close to where I live, and take care of me regularly. Every time I get adjusted, I feel so much better! With all the little and big muscle imbalances we all have, a visit every now and then will keep us on the straight path! I had the dreaded sciatica nerve pinch once, it hurt like heck, but Amy adjusted it, then had me put an ice pack on it two three times a day - two days later it was painless! She also recommended stretches that

    Show More - Nina November, 2015
  • I came in with several ailments and each provider is working with the other Providers to devise a successful plan to get me on the road to recovery that will be pain free.

    - Judy August 2015
  • Great doctor she really knows her stuff. She is one of only 300 hundred in the nation to achieve the DACBSP. She had treated me many times and I would refer her to anybody she really cares for her patients and takes the time to listen and give quality care you owe it to yourself to go and see her.

    - Dr. Jay Pearson July 20, 2015
  • Thank you for taking good care of my family. We are so blessed to have a doctor of your caliber and skill level right here in Ravalli County.

    - Edna June 16, 2015
  • Thank you for doctoring me.

    - Bella, age 3 May 7, 2015
  • Thank you so much for all you have done for me. I have received excellent care, been welcomed and made to feel comfortable and safe. You are much appreciated.

    - JL May 6, 2015
  • World class care right here in Stevensville! Enjoy the professionalism of Dr. Amy and her Staff.

    - Scott March 9, 2015
  • I hope you do not mind but I am spreading the word about your chiropractic practice and referring everyone I know to you. I hope you will be able to handle the onslaught of new patients. I cannot begin to tell you the relief I feel. No pain. I am so excited about moving forward with you in total healing.

    Show More - Germaine June 16, 2014
  • Dr. Amy makes me taller in so many ways….

    - Chris D. June 4, 2014
  • Roses are red, Violets are blue. Amy is the Chiropractor for you. She is friendly and kind, awesome and nice. Go see Dr. Amy she'll adjust you and set you straight.

    - Bonnie June 4, 2014
  • I have been a patient of Dr. Amy for six years now, since she opened her practice in Stevensville. Not only has she provided me with excellent care, she has become a friend. That is her way with her patients making them feel very comfortable and confident in her. I have recommended friends to her which is the best compliment I can give her. I am also grateful to her for becoming a caring and giving person in our community. Thank you Dr. Amy.

    Show More - Jan Perrin June 4, 2014
  • I am very happy with my spinal care at Active Care Family Chiropractic. Dr. Amy Berglund is a physically intuitive practitioner: she knows the right questions to ask, quickly assesses any problems and pegs the adjustments precisely. Her devotion to continuing education gives me confidence that I am receiving the best care. Whether for acute or chronic problems or even routine maintenance, I highly recommend.

    Show More - Sue June 3, 2014
  • We now live in Wyoming, but I STILL think of and miss Dr. Amy. She’s the only one who’s ever really known how to get me perfectly adjusted! Miss her often and wishing her all the best!

    - Dr. Larua Johannessen June 3, 2014
  • The chiro I've ever been treated by. Friendly staff and knowledgeable!

    - Wendy, January 2103


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